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My Unique Bio-Individuality

Hello Everyone,

My name is Wei Wei, to pronounce my name right, just remember me as  Way Way From Far Away.

My English name is Viva Jun. If you put it into a google translator, you will be surprised to find out Wei Wei is there, in Chinese language, of course.

Like many of you, my bio-individuality is very unique.

I’m creative, artistic & innovative. I like everything I do presenting to people in a beautiful & a creative way. I’m very goal driven & self-motivated once I see the potential. 

Consistent & persistent is my trait. I’m very passionate for what I’m doing and always like to go extra mile to reach optimal outcome & make a difference.

 I have a wide range of interests. I enjoying variety of readings and creative writing. I have two blogs:



I always follow the rules & principles but like to represent my work with my style & personality.

 I love cruise & see the world. Traveling make me think big, lift my spirit & give me creative ideas of doing things.

I’m friendly to everybody. I love my global family with people from all walks of life. Meeting people with variety of background in culture, education, gender, race, age & social status make me happy. Everybody can be my friend, but very good friends, just a few.

I’m resilient, I can be very humble & patient to listen through your personal story, and I can also be very arrogant & proud with classic taste & style.

I’m very frank for what I’m thinking and never hold back with my disagreement.

I’m very analytic & detailed oriented. And I like to have everything done in a perfect way.

I’m not a party girl, jokes and comedian movies usually do not make me laugh loud.

I love music, especially instrumental music with no lyrics. I have special passion for Latino music & Spanish language. To me, Latino instrumental music is my holistic healing SPA. I can listen to it all day long and never get tired of it.

I have a strong comprehensive ability. I’m good at presenting a complicated information to people in either visual art or simple language so that regular people can understand it easily.

I’m very color-oriented individual. I love orange color; it lifts me & makes me very happy. I almost buy everything based on the color, not by brand. Orange color is my sunshine; it is my Icon! It’s very weird, isn’t it? Well, that’s my unique bio-individuality.

I love fashion and chunky jewelry but not makeup. Flower dresses are my favorite. Peacock blue clothes or dresses makes me look very pretty.

My big disadvantage is cooking. I’m not good at cooking and I don’t enjoy cooking. To me, cooking is a a big job. But I enjoy cleaning & wash dishes. I got spoiled over years. This could be a challenge for me in the field of Functional Nutrition.

 Yesterday, I started to watch YouTube video and cooked my first Borscht Soup in my life. Yummy! I got lot of compliment. Hallelujah!!


My 2nd disadvantage is my creative writing. Because of my intuition, I need to write down any idea that is flowing in my brain for some minutes or some hours. To lower my cortisol level and fall asleep, I have to write it down right away. Many times I make myself stressful & restless.

And most of my writings are done with my cellphone, sometime I forgot to check the spelling. So please forgive me if you see any misspelling.

That’s all for my unique bio-individuality.

Wei Wei Ning

Welcome to Digital Mom Fashion Cents.

Hello, I’m Wei Wei Ning, a transition lifestyle coach and Functional Nutrition Counselor & Educator; Digital Entrepreneur and Internet Business Advisor; Certified Personal Style Coach and Beauty Consultant.

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