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A Special Gift for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is very special to me. Mother’s love is far from nine months’ pregnancy. Her selfless & dedication has formed her as a special human being; she would always take care of others first before taking care of herself. For children, she always has unconditional love, always has infinite tolerance and understanding.

When we are children, she always walks before us to set an example. When we are teenagers, she always walks behind us to be there should we need her. When we are adults, she always walks beside us so that we could share and enjoy life together. In Mom’s eyes, children are always the best and most beautiful flowers to her. They are always the mother’s pride & joy and will always be mother ‘s favorite & treasure. Mother can only hold children’s hands for a short while, but hold children’s hearts forever and never end.

Once I became a mom, I started to understand & appreciate mom more. Being a mom is a blessing and special gift from God. Being a good mom is a long term learning process. No matter we are young moms, millennial moms, mid-age moms, senior moms or baby boomer moms, we’ve all been through various highs & lows, good & bad. After all, we are all moms, a group of special human beings who have common duties, personalities and characters to live, to love, to care and to give so that our love ones can enjoy a better and happy lives. We all know that we love our jouney of lives because we are very special. We live for the causes and these are our big Why.

I wish every day is Mother’s Day. Every day we should show respect to our moms, love our moms, think about our moms and often visit our moms. Whether they are far away in heaven or live close by at present, forever I wish all moms Happy Mother’s Day!

This Mother’s Day, I want to show mom my special love. I want to send her a special gift and let her know how special she Is in my life and I can earn cashback at the same time.

Since I have an online shopping website with over 80 millions products & services and customers can earn upto 50% cashback, I have done some researches & listed some Gift Ideas in my Mother’s Day Shopping Guide. Wish you would like them. Don’t forget to share the page with your friends. Please download Shop Buddy App to your Cellphone and Computer so that you can shop, save and earn cashback at Shop2Earn.Org. Your referral email: Shop2Earn888@Gmail.Com

1. SPA Massage & Wellness eGift Card

2. Isotonix Digestive Enzymes

3. Lumiere De Vie Pore Minimizing Serum

4. Isotonix Daily Essential Package

5. TLS Trim Tea

6. Motives Color Correction Quad

7. Pentaxyl

8. Motives Double Take Lipstick Duo

9. Divinity Lipstick Case

10. Essential Oil Diffuser

11. Conair Waterfall Foot Bath with Lights, Bubbles and Conair Waterfall Foot Bath with Lights, Bubbles and

12. Other Gift Ideas from Shop2Earn.Org

* Personalization Mall
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Personalized Planet
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* Print Pictures
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Canvas on Demand
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* Mixbook.Com
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* Restaurant.Com
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Purchase Tix
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* eGift Cards
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Shop Local
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* Seat Greak
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* Flowers Fast
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Dylan’s Candy Bar
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* Shop for Mom
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