From a sister or a friend to your 1st date,
From engagement ring to say “I Do”,
From pregnancy to maternity joy,
From a single lady to a wife & a mom.

You have experienced a tremendous joy and happiness; endless concerns & worries;
You have grown & developed so much in life experiences, knowledge & appearance during your life span. No matter how many life challenges come to you, you become even stronger than ever and never give up.

Mom is the gift from God. Because of your human nature, because your inherited power from God, you can handle any kind of stress, pain, joy & happiness. You never reject any request for help, can always handle multiple tasks, and make it look so easy & simple.

To your husband, your family & your children, anything is possible. You can create, make, fix, repair, multiply & duplicate and achieve anything in your own way. There is no doubt that you deserve all the Titles of Greatness.

Although you have achieved beyond expectation, you never receive 100% of credit or compliment. No matter how many storms & pain you have inside, you always look happy, calm & relaxed in public. You always feed your children & husband first before you take care yourself & take the glory last.

After years of ups & downs, happy & sad, success & failure, you have become who you are today. You are a lover, care giver, teacher, sister, boss, mentor, entrepreneur, decision maker, shopper, cooker, house-keeper, or a combination of everything.

Being a Mom is a life journey, a life learning process, a challenge; most importantly, it is a responsibility. We should learn from each other, help each other & support each other to go through this journey of motherhood.

Mom Blogger World is a platform to help global moms reach this ultimate goal. It will help
you to become a better mom, an efficient & productive mom, an informative mom, a technical
mom, a modern mom, and a knowledgeable mom who can handle all kinds of modern technologies,
e-Commerce, Social Medial, Online Shopping, and many more.

Are you a Career Mom or Stay-At-Home Mom?
Are you a Student Mom or Single Mom?
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Mom Blogger World is here to help busy moms from all walks of life, from all over the world. You are looking for the answers; we are here to provide your solutions. Please come back and read more, you will find something for every mom, and everything for some mom. Let’s connect, like & share. Your insights & perspective are always important to us. Love you all, Moms!