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Mom’s Blog vs. Affiliate Publisher Network Program

Hello Moms,

Are You a Blogger or do you have a Website?
Do you want to monetarize your website?

I am a Blogger and I have two websites: and

I am working with Shop.Com APN program to help bloggers and website owners monetize their websites. It is 100% Free!  

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2. Join Shop.Com Affiliate Publisher Network Program
3. Select Country
4. Select Products Related to the Blog Topics
5. Publish
6. Collect Money

The Shop.Com/APN Program is available in the following countries:
United States
United Kingdom
Hong Kong

Wei Wei Ning

Welcome to Digital Mom Fashion Cents.

Hello, I’m Wei Wei Ning, a transition lifestyle coach and Functional Nutrition Counselor & Educator; Digital Entrepreneur and Internet Business Advisor; Certified Personal Style Coach and Beauty Consultant.

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