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Winter is over and Spring finally is here with blossom of beautiful flowers and sprouts of leaves. That’s the season moms suffer from allergies most.  Itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, and itchy throat. Hives are not uncommon either. The symptoms may last for months as you pop allergy medicines every day in order to function close to normal. If you want a natural product to alleviate your allergies and not just cover up the symptoms, you should try Isotonix OPC 3


Isotonix OPC 3

Isotonix OPC-3, or oligomeric proanthocyanidins, are found naturally in growing things like fruit and vegetables and even some kinds of tree bark. Isotonix OPC 3 is an extremely powerful natural supplement. It is 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E and 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C. It is natural super-antioxidant.

OPC 3 Chew

Antioxidants reduce the speed of oxidation in the body. This process is caused by free radicals, which are unpaired electrons that can be highly reactive within the body. It can be stopped by antioxidants found in OPC-3 because they combine with the free radicals to form a stable oxygen molecule. Of course, your body can produce an amount of its own antioxidants, but it counts on a nutritional diet and supplements to make up for what it cannot do on its own. Isotonix OPC 3, as a superior antioxidant, can provide you with long term health benefits in many categories including ridding you of your debilitating allergies.

During the allergy season, you may take 3 capfuls of Isotonix OPC-3 with 2 capfuls of Proactive Isotonix B Complex, 1 capful of Isotonix Multivitamin and 2 capfuls of Isotonix Calcium Plus. You may also add your vitamin regiment with Vitamin D with K2 and drink plenty of Ultimate Aloe Juice.

Isotonix Daily Essentials Package

Clear your sinuses, be able to do more of the outdoor activities you love, alleviate allergies with Isotonix OPC-3 and supplements.

Isotonix Daily Essentials Package

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