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How To Become Debt Free with Financial GPS

How would you feel if your 30 year mortgage could be paid off in just 8 years without refinancing? You would feel great, wouldn’t you?

To me, it would be a huge release from my financial stress, and I would have a financial freedom to live the lifestyle I want; and I could do so many things with the money I saved. It may sound Unbelievable, but it is very possible and it is real.

What would you do if you have all your debt paid off sooner or before your retirement?

We are living in a debt-fueled economy. Very often we borrow money from the 3rd party to do the necessary things that we can not afford to pay ourselves at the moment.

We all have goals & dreams in life to accomplish, but It takes money & time to fulfill our dreams & goals.

– Sending our kids to a good college or university can be very costly. The average Student loan in America is $50,868

– Buying a big house can be a beautiful dream, but most people cannot buy a house in cash. Financing a house might create a huge debt for an average family. The Average Home Mortgage in America is $180,000 at an interest rate of 3%-5%.

– Getting Married is an exciting and life changing moment. Unfortunately, to celebrate the special moment, the bride and broom will sometimes spend their life long savings for the ceremony, wedding party, honeymoon trip and wind up with a huge debt at the beginning of a life long journey. The Average Wedding in America can range from $10,000 – $50,000 and in many cases, or even more.

– Having children is a long term commitment and huge expense. Baby Food, Baby Diapers, Baby Clothes, Childcare, Pre-School, College Education, Sports and Events can accumulate a huge amount of credit card debt. The Average Family Credit Card Debt in America is $16,425.

– Owning a Nice Car is a luxury hobby; to support this hobby can cost a fortune. Even buying an average car can cost between $20,000 to $80,000. Most people will not buy a car in cash, which results in yet another high interest debt.

– Owning a Boat is another luxurious & expensive hobby. How many people want to or even could pay in cash? If you don’t have the large lump sum of money, a loan or other financing method for the boat is another debt for your expensive hobby.

– We all love to have nice vacations a few times per year. Most people book hotel, flights and other travel with a credit card and pay it off later at a whopping 20+% interest rate. Who doesn’t want to travel all over the world to see the beautiful places, but to be able to travel all over the world requires money and time. The problem is that many people have plenty of time to travel, but no money; many people have a lot of money but have no time.

I think we would all agree, that in order to make enough money to do the things we really want to do in life, we all have to work hard for life, no matter if we work as an employee, or an employer; an investor or a business owner. We all have to work our way up to live the lifestyle we want. But the interesting phenomena is that we have created a huge amount of debt while we are chasing our dreams.

What is Debt? Debt is money owed to another party and can include a home mortgage, home equity lines of credit, automobile loan, college tuition & student loans, and the highest rate debt of all…credit card bills.

A person is considered in debt after making a written promise to repay. So when you borrow money from the third party for your personal use, you have to promise to pay off the principle plus interest. The more debt you have, the more interest you need to pay.

Everybody has an opportunity in life to create debt, however, How much debt you create and how long it takes you to pay it off is based on your financial capability and decisions on how to manage it.

According to a February Report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Americans hold $8.88 trillion of mortgage debt. This is the largest type of household debt in the country, and it increased “substantially” during the fourth quarter of 2017 — up $139 billion, according to the report.

According to the Wall Street Journal:
The average American household spends 34.5 cents of every dollar to just pay the interest on their debt.

But what if you could stop overpaying interest on your debt?
Would your life be different? Of course it would…

Why Do Most People Fail to Reach the Goal of Financial Freedom?

Because most of us are generally so busy & so comfortable to just pay our monthly bills, that changing something in our lives is easy to avoid. When it comes to making wise financial decisions, we generally take the Easiest path, rather than the Best path.

And How about Retirement? Retirement is the biggest expense we all face.

How much money will we need to retire comfortably without changing our current lifestyle? Everyone has an opinion or a strategy, but there is no one size fits all solution.

When Will Be The Best Time to Pay Off Debt?
According to Kevin O’Leary, the multi-billionaire investor from the famous Shark Tank TV program, “You should aim to have everything paid off, from mortgages to student loans to credit card debt, by age 45. “

O’Leary says, ”The reason I say 45 is the turning point, or in your 40s, is because think about a career: Most careers start in early 20s and end in the mid-60s,” O’Leary says. “So, when you’re 45 years old, the game is more than half over, and you better be out of debt, because you’re going to use the rest of the innings in that game to accrue capital.”

If you do decide to take on debt to buy a home, O’Leary’s advice is simple: Get it paid off as soon as you can. If you already hold a mortgage on your home, O’Leary argues paying it off should take a higher financial priority than using extra cash to invest in things like stocks or bonds.

Life is unpredictable. What happens if you’re laid off or incur unexpected expenses elsewhere? Your once-manageable mortgage is suddenly going to seem not-so-manageable.”

Personal finance expert Suze Orman agrees. If you plan to stay in your home through your golden years, you should get your mortgage paid off before you retire.

“You should be grabbing every opportunity you can to eliminate the known risks in your retirement plan,” Orman writes in Money Magazine, “If you know you want to stay in your home, paying off the mortgage is a great way to build security.”

Self-made millionaire and wealth management expert David Bach even says paying off your mortgage as quickly as possible is a step toward retiring early.

So, How Badly Do You Want to Get Out of Debt?
On a Scale of 1 – 5
1 – Absolutely, I want to Debt Free
5 – No, I Love Financial Stress

What’s Your Option?
Traditional Options:
Make more money
Debt consolidation…loan
Bi-weekly payments to your mortgage
Pay extra money
Debt snowball
Debt avalanche

No matter what option you have taken, nothing can fundamentally solve the problem.

Why? Because you do not make enough money to pay off your debt, your expenses are always greater than your income. That’s the reality most people are facing.

Good News is that we finally find a finanicial solution, the ONLY Financial GPS system called The Debt Shredder.

The Debt Shredder gets all the right answer for our financial debt.

The Debt Shredder is “The smart way to save money, reduce your debt, build cash reserves and accumulate wealth”.

What Is The Debt Shredder?

The Debt Shredder is an online web-based money management and debt elimination system. It is the only interactive system on the market today. It employs proven banking strategies and complex algorithms. The program has the unique ability to adjust in real time as situations may change in an individual’s financial journey. The display of information is organized, easy to read and the format is very user friendly.

The Debt Shredder is a software program that analyzes your financial situation. Not only it gives you a dashboard about your debt situation, it also provides you the tools and tracking system to inform you the time to pay off your debt, how much interest you have saved, how much interest still remaining. It guides you step by step and tells you exactly what you need to do each week.

Assume you have a total 5 Debts
Car Loan
Student Loan
Credit Cards
Line of Credit

With little to no change to current standard of living, without refinancing of existing debts, without consolidation,
the software will direct you to ZERO debt in the shortest possible time using your existing situation.

There Are 4 Strategies in The Debt Shredder Program

– Interest Cancellation – Makes it possible to pay back a fraction of the interest that is normally owed.
– Strategic Payoff – Analyzes your situation and determines the best path for you.
– Time Value of Money – Money is worth more today than in the future.
– Debt Shredder Software –Coaching and Education system

What Is the Software Telling Us?
How much money to move (The exact dollar amount);
When to move it (The exact date)
From what account to what account, while it constantly adjusts to your real world situations and help us find the quickest mathematical solution to ZERO DEBT.

It doesn’t just stop with helping you get out of debt.
It helps demonstrate the earning potential of the money you’ve saved by paying down your debt faster
It shows the cost of borrowing money and how much you lose each month you wait
The FREE analysis explains all of this and more.

Talk to the person who invited you or sent you this information; contact a Debt Shredder Agent by click the link here. Request your free analysis to see if The Debt Shredder can help you!

Your financial situation won’t change by chance; it will only improve by change!

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