Dress To Impress For Triangle Body Shape

Spring is finally here. All moms like to look more sexy, attractive & beautiful. What to wear & how to dress is simple but not easy. 

Spring, summer, wearing a skirt, dress or top is the main choice for most women to show the body. However, many people find it very challenge. Although I chose the same skirt as the model, but why I don’t wear it as nice as the model? The problem is that not everyone has the body of a model, most people like you and me do have some body defects. Can we change this situation? The answer of course is “Yes”.

Straight Skirt, A Skirt, Mini Skirt, Maxi Dress ……. skirts of many different shapes & types, there is always a suitable one right for you! As long as you are aware of your body shape, have knowledge of what kind of dress, skirt or top best fit your body shape, you can look as beautiful & sexy as a model.

Today I am going to talk about “How To Dress Your Triangle or Pear Body Shape In Summer.
Generally speaking, Triangle Body Shape female has smaller head, narrower shoulder, smaller chest and waist is thin, while hips are wider and thighs are more stout.

For Triangle or Pear Shape females, we should focus on the following principles:
1. Skim but at the same time fit the large areas
2. Elongate the figure, especially when you have long-waist and a short leg length
3. Add structure, dimension and a little more shape to the smaller top half.
4. Redirect attention away from wider bottom half and toward the slimmer top half.

How To Dress in Triangle Body Shape? ~Skirts
“A” Line Skirts
That skim over the bottom and balance out proportions are a great choice. These don’t have to be boring. Look for interesting fabrics.

Soft Flowing Skirts
That cut slim and lose to the body, and that skims the hips without clinging. The drape of the fabric will create subtle elongating vertical lines, light weighting and draping finished on the knee, very feminine and sexy.

Pencil Skirts
That enhance and hug curves, but only when worn with balancing tops, blouses and jackets.
Try to avoid the cinch in the waist to minimize the larger bottom. Also try to avoid oversized belts around the middle.

Straight Skirts & Smart Wrap-Over Skirts
That skim the hips, but keep length on or
just below knee. (not above the knee as it will have a widening effect, not mid-length as it can become too boxy). Skirts that just fall below the knee
Are better as they finish around the slimmer part of the leg. In autumn and winter, wear pull-on
Fabric booths in a similar color to keep unbroken line; no gap should be visible if possible,

Shift Dresses
That skim ov
er the hip, and a lovely if worn with a pretty short cardigan or matching short jacket, as this will create a pleasing proportion. A subtle corsage added to a jacket or embellishment on the cardigan will also bring the eye up.

Empire Line Dresses
That creates a lovely, feminine, silhouette, while skimming the tummy, hips and thighs. Material gathered over the bust line helps create a larger bust.

Wrap-Over Dresses
That have slight shoulder enhancement (very slightly should pad) and a skirt that skims the hip. Dresses are a good choice, as they create a longer, cleaner, line from shoulder to hem, with no obvious break in fabric, print or color. For that reason, they can work better for the Triangle Body Shape.

Tops that will draw the eye upwards, balancing out shoulders by helping them to appear wider. For example, wider ‘V’ Neck lines.

Tops that have Front Detail such as Pleating, Ruching, Pockets and Appliques.

Tops that have Interesting Colors, Prints and Designs, as this will balance out the bottom half.

Tops that have Bright Colors worn under jackets, as these bring the eye to the center.

Tops that has Slash Neck line which will draw the eye to the shoulder and collarbones, helping widen the area, therefore, helping balance out the hips.

Tops that have a ‘Boat-Neck’ which will visually draw a line across the shoulders line to help widen it.

Tops that have ‘Deep Scoop’ neck which will help open the neckline, broader the shoulders and help to lift the focus. Remember to wear Shapely Bra.

Tops that have Horizontal Stripes (T-Shirts) which help to add width to the smaller top half, also help visually shorten a longer torso.

Tops that have Pretty Necklines and Necklaces which will draw the yes up. For example, Jewel embellished necklines, sweet heart necklines or a stunning necklace in an amazing color draws attention to the chest and slender collar bones.

Tops that have Bell Sleeves, Puff Sleeves or Full Sleeves which will help to widen the shoulder.

Tops that have Tailed and Fitted Waist Line which will create hourglass figure.

Tops and Cardigans that embellished, appliqued, bejeweled or have a corsage bring the eye up.

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