How To Create Lifestyle Trend Shop

Shop.Com Trend Shop is one of the best ways to convert spending into earning with Shopping Annuity. It helps online shoppers discover Shopping Trends in Beauty, Fashion & Style; Health Wellness & Weight Loss; Baby & Children Products; Interior Design & Home Decor Products etc., it allows customers & business owners to create a shoppable customized Trend Shop that can be shared to friends, family & customers via social media handles at zero cost.

For Personal Style Coach, LifeStyle Medicine Consultant, Interior Designer, Business Owners and People who are creative, Shop.Com Trend Shop is the best way to create & design a customized shoppable website page for their customers. Because of the excellent tracking system with unique Trend Shop Tool, customers are able to enjoy user-friendly shopping experiences, save money & earn cash back, while business owners have an opportunity to generate revenue without big investemnt & business expense.

For detail information about how to collaborate and become a business partner, please contact Wei Wei Ning at MomBloggerWorld@Gmail.Com

Start Your New Day, New Week, New Month or New Season with Customized Trend Shop Today.

Follow the instruction To Create Your Very Own Trend Shop

1. Sign In Shop2Earn.Org
2. Create a Preferred Customer Account. The Referral Email: Shop2Earn888@Gmail.Com
3. Scroll Down Sign In Page for ‘Trend’ at Shop2Earn.Org
4. Select ‘Create a Trend’ on the Top Right Side Bar on the Trends on Home Page
5. Name your Trend Shop and Fill In Description of Trend Shop Feauture
6. Type Key Words for Trend Feauture
7. Drag Images of Products from Right Side Search library to Left Side Trend Canvas
8. Tag Keywords at the Botume of the Page So That People Can Easily Find Your Trend Shop
9. Save, View and Publish Customized Trend Shop Page
10. Share Your Trend Shop with Your Friends on Social Media Handles
11. Update Your Trend Shop Profile with Photo & Brief Description
12. 50 Products on One Page Sharing Limit
13. Add Key Words on Top of Trend Shop Canvas if Necessary
14. Add Colors to Make Trend Shop Pop Out
15. Click Overlap Button to Pull Product(s) into Front Row or Push to Back Row
16. Add Product Video at the Buttom Link Section
17. Be Creative
18. Be Professional

Create Your Customized Trend Shop Today.

Wei Wei Ning

Welcome to Digital Mom Fashion Cents.

Hello, I’m Wei Wei Ning, a transition lifestyle coach and Functional Nutrition Counselor & Educator; Digital Entrepreneur and Internet Business Advisor; Certified Personal Style Coach and Beauty Consultant.

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