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Your Health Is Your Wealth

Mom’s Wealth Is Her Health. No matter how many children you have, how successful they are, no matter how handsome your husband is, how big & beautiful house you have, without your health, everything means nothing.

Recently, one of my friends sent me a couple of poems about health. I would like to share two of them with you.

A. Hospital
In front of doctors, nobody can bargain,
Inside hospital, everybody is obedient.
Pay your due when you are asked for,
Laid on bed when you have to.
Morning to afternoon 30 days,
Only make $, $$, $$$.
Till doctor call your name,
Finish all the savings within 2 to 3 days.
Hard working year after year,
Illness empties all your banks.
House, money, family
Means nothing in the end.

B. Health
In distance, hospital looks like a paradise,
Nearby, hospital looks like a bank,
Inside, hospital looks like prison cell,
Beyond, hospital looks like dead end.
Prevention must be a better way,
Better early than the end.
Health is intangible,
Wealth from healthy bank.
Illness can be your long term loan,
Sickness can be a robbery in your bank.
No more joke, no more wait,
Nutrition & prevention make you laugh to the end.

Wei Wei Ning

Welcome to Digital Mom Fashion Cents.

Hello, I’m Wei Wei Ning, a transition lifestyle coach and Functional Nutrition Counselor & Educator; Digital Entrepreneur and Internet Business Advisor; Certified Personal Style Coach and Beauty Consultant.

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