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I have a big global family.  Inside my global family, I have many brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, nephews & nieces……


Although we are from different countries, we speak different languages; living & working in different countries, we are all connected, united, no races issues, no discrimination and we always loving, caring & giving to each other.


Our global family has a big global internet franchise business. The business has Everything we need. From the business, we learn how to save money & make money by building our Shopping Annuity;  from the business, we learn how to become successful and create our own economy;  from the business, we learn how to change from working for our boss to become our own boss;  from the business, we learn how to grow & develop ourselves to become an entrepreneur and New You;  from the business, we learn how to make Ongoing Residual Income.


To better serve my Global Family, I have developed two websites: 



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By checking out these two websites, you will easily find out everything you want. Our Global Family Is Growing Everyday!  We Always Welcome You!  Warmly Welcome You To Be Part Of Our Global Family. 


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Wei Wei Ning

Wei Wei Ning is a lifestyle coach & digital entrepreneur. She is a lifestyle blogger at DigitalMomFashionCents.Com. Wei Wei Ning is a personal style coach & beauty consultant. Through digital tools and websites, Wei Wei Ning is helping people from all walks of life to dress to impress, walk tall and look beautiful from inside out. Wei Wei Ning is also an expert in health, wellness, weight management & lifestyle medicine. By leveraging advanced nutraceuticals, Wei Wei Ning has helped many people who have special need to recover from various diseases & illness. Leverage her knowledge & experiences, book 15-minute free consultation with Wei Wei Ning.

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  1. Welcome To My New Blogs!
    Thank you for viewing my blogs and happy to know that you like my writings.
    I would like to let you know that I have just finished renovating my two blogs. The names of my Two new blogs are:


    Please let me know if you still like reading my writings & what other topics you want me to cover. Of course, you are very welcome to make some comments and share with your friends and loves.
    Looking forward to talking to you again in my blogs. Have a great day!

    Way Way From Far Away

  2. Váó!Ezt a stílust érezni kell, csodálom az ilyen szép minimálokat!Már többször mepÃglla¡Ã­tottam, hogy nekem nagyon beverték a "töltsd ki teljesen a lapot, nem pazarlunk" leckét :))))

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