My Big Why

She Is My Big Why

Dear Anna, 
On your birthday, I just want to remind you that you are very special to my life. You are my everything & my big why.  Everyday I pray for God to watch over you; lead you, guide you & protect you to chase your dreams & live your life.    
With one blink, 28 years fly by! For those years & those time, you never stop & never rest.  You are so youthful, beautiful & energetic, like a horse, you go, go, & go, run, run & run,  to see everything,  to go everywhere. 
I am so happy & proud to see you grow from a little girl to a young adult – a very determined & committed business woman & entrepreneur.  I have seen you go through so many adventures & life experiences within this short journey of life.  28 is a good age to be at.  You are so youthful & the future is bright!   
May God continue to bless you for many more excitement of life experiences & success to come.   Remember your big why, focus on your goals, be who you are & never ever give up.   
Happy Birthday to my dearest daughter, Anna Shen, my everything & my big why!

Wei Wei Ning

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Hello, I’m Wei Wei Ning, a transition lifestyle coach and Functional Nutrition Counselor & Educator; Digital Entrepreneur and Internet Business Advisor; Certified Personal Style Coach and Beauty Consultant.

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