Hello Everyone,

I am Wei Wei, a traditional Asian mom who is living in the digital world. 

Like many other moms, I always like to look young and dress to impress to show the best of me.  I believe age is just a number.  If I can take a good care of myself with the advanced nutraceuticals – The Isotonix and the the best anti-aging skincare products, I can still build my digital empire.

I love to read, write and think deeply.  Blogging is one of my best hobbits.  My blogs are very colorful because I have a very colorful life experiences and lifestyle.  During my life span, I have so many ups & downs, good time and bad time, but I never give up.  Because of those challenges, I have learned, have grown up and have become who I am today, a Digital Mom with Fashion Cents.

What does it mean a Digital Mom with Fashion Cents? 

From the name, you can tell that I am a mom who likes Fashion, Beauty, & Style.  I have a Champaign taste but root bear budget.  I don’t like to spend so much money but I like to dress to impress.  So the solution to this that I am always online, searching for fashion tips & current style trends. Then I shop, save & earn from Shop2earn.Org website.  There I can get paid for everything I have searched for and find good deals with my fashion sense. Why not?  I can Shop, Save & Earn at the same time.

Shop2Earn.Org also has many tools. One of them is called Trend Shop.  By leveraging the tool, I can coach my customers how to dress to impress online and offline.

Now I am a digital mom, who loves to do everything online & offline:  researching, shopping, doing my business, holiday shopping, buying gifts, booking hotels and airplane tickets, even having dinner at restaurants, I can get paid.  That’s the magic website: Shop2Earn.Org. 

Like the idea?  Contact me. You may also have your own website. Why not?  Who doesn’t want to get paid?  You don’t need to spend any extra money. all you need to do is to convert your daily spending into daily earning.