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您能借力于 Shop.Com 的 APN

(联盟商网络发布) 计划, 6千5百



-15% 零售利润。

Simple Step 123 简单步骤123

1. Please Click This Following Link 请点击此链接:

Affiliate Publisher Network Application Link

2. Come to Affiliate Publisher Network Page, Create An Account To
Apply For APN ID Number

进入联盟商网络发布页面,设立一个个人帐户,并申请 APN ID 会员号码

3. From Shop.Com, Select the Products

You’d Like to Publish On Your Website



4. Go to Your Website Appearance


5. Go to Widget 转到小部件

6. Go to Text 转到文本

7. Copy the Product Link & Paste on the Content 复制产品链接并粘贴到内容上

8. Save & Publish 保存并发布

Note: If you like to place the link

on your side bar, please contact



The Countries That Can Use

Shop.Com APN Program:

可以使用 Shop.Com APN

Program 的国家有:

United States ?? 美国

UK ?? 英国:

Spain ?? 西班牙:

Canada ?? 加拿大

Australia ?? 澳大利亚

Taiwan ?? 台湾

Hong Kong ?? 香港

Singapore ?? 新加波

Mexico ?? 墨西哥

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Wei Wei Ning

Wei Wei Ning is a NY/NJ based digital entrepreneur and internet business advisor; certified personal style coach and beauty consultant; transition lifestyle coach and lifestyle medicine consultant.

With well-rounded knowledge and years of experiences, Wei Wei Ning has created an unique way to coach people, especially to those professional women and busy moms, Wei Wei Ning teaches them how to uplift and transfer their lives from average living to joyful & healthy living; how to live life for goals and purposes;  how to walk tall and think positively;  how to dress to impress and upgrade their style personality;  how to become a business owner from scratch with minimum startup cost;  how to leverage digital tools, modern technology, online shopping platform and social media, running a successful online business part-time or full-time to generate 2nd income without 2nd job.

21st Century is a Digital Era. The latest survey from the Pew Research Center shows that:

73% of U.S. adults use YouTube
68% use Facebook
35% use Instagram
29% use Pinterest
27% use Snapchat
25% use LinkedIn
24% use Twitter

Everybody has a cellphone; most people have at least one computer. 99% of people have at least one social media account. But do you generate income by posting or sharing? Do you have any hobby or interest? If you haven’t found your niche yet, talk to me, I can show your how make money online or offline.  You may reach Wei Wei Ning @DigitalMomFashionCents@Gmail.Com

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