Colors Make Difference

I think people should be able to wear whatever color they want to, without being confined to a limited number of colors on a card. I agree, however, although you can wear whatever color you want to, if you want to look your best, then it is important to understand which colors harmonize with your natural coloring.

The color effect can have not only on our physical appearance, but also on our emotional state. Wearing the right colors can help you create a happier, more empowered mood, but wearing colors that drugs us down can have the opposite effect.

Unflattering colors may make a person look pale, or draw attention to wrinkles, under-eye dark circles, or uneven skin tone. Likewise, wearing ill-chosen colors can make you appear heavier than you actually are, older, more tired, boring or even a little depressed. Through the use of enhancing colors tools, I can help you look more confident, more attractive, younger, taller, skinner, healthier, more self-assured and vibrant.

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Wei Wei Ning

Wei Wei Ning is a lifestyle coach & digital entrepreneur. She coaches people how to build a healthy lifestyle by converting their daily spending into daily earning with the Shopping Annuity.

She coaches people how to become financial independent by start their own business without a big expense, have a plan B before their jobs get limited.

For those people who a have critical health issue, searching for alternative ways to treat their sickness & diseases, Wei Wei Ning gives them some advice and provide them with alternative solutions.

She coaches people how to live a healthy lifestyle by shredding off their belly fat & sliming down their body weight.

For those people who don’t know how to present themselves well in public or at specific events, Wei Wei Ning coaches them how to build their self-esteem & self-confidence, how to dress to impress in their style personality.

Finally, Wei Wei Ning is a lifestyle blogger @ MomBeautyWorld.Com. She coaches bloggers or website owners how to monetize their blogs & websites, how to become profitable and reach to their optimal SEO efficiency.

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