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Who doesn’t like food or good food?

I was not born with a talent of cooking! Every day I always worry about “What’s for Dinner?”. Each day, after I finish working, I really like to go to the Gym instead of cooking. We don’t have a big family, so cooking is a big job for me.. After the Gym, I start to cook, then we end up to eat dinner late almost every night, sometimes 8:30 pm and other time 9:00 pm. After cooking and eating, I am exhausted and food doesn’t taste good to me anymore. If I really want to have some authentic meal, even Chinese food, I like to go to a Chinese restaurant to be able to enjoy the quality.

我天生就没有烹饪的天赋! 每天我总是担心“今天晚餐吃啥?”。 每天我工作完后,就只想去健身房,不想做饭。 我家人口不太多,所以烹饪对我来说是一个大工程,锻炼完身体回到家开始做饭,然后吃饭,我们几乎每天晚上8:30左右才能吃上晚饭,有的时候还会在晚上9点钟才吃晚餐。 烧好饭,吃完饭后,我就精疲力尽,食物对我来说就没有什么味道了。 如果我真的想吃一个正宗的餐,甚至中国菜,我就会去中国餐馆,在那里才能吃到道道地地的正宗的中国菜。

I am so thrilled to find out that Shop.Com partnered with Balance by BistroMD, where I can order the qualilty and portion control, weight management cousin meal and delivered to my house. The most importance, I will get paid by doing that. Whatever I eat or drink, I can buy everything from my own website and get paid by doing that. ? This Website is free for anyone. You should give a try。

听说 Shop.Com 现在与 Balance BistroMD 合作,我真是高兴的不得了!通过 Shop.Com,我在 Balance BistroMD 可以订购到高质量,减肥瘦身,控制分量,体重管理的膳食,而且可以免费寄到家里。 最重要的是,因为我是在 Shop.Com 网站上订购的这些膳食,我还可以有现金回馈。 无论我吃喝住行,都可以从我自己的网站 上购买,并且得到现金回馈。?这个网站是免费的,建议你可以试试。

The ordering process is so simple: Go to the website: to register as a preferred customer for Free! Don’t forget the referred email: There is No Annual fee involved. Then I search for Balance by BistroMD. They offers 100 different alternate meals. Any order over $99 is free shipping. ????????????

在 Balance by BistroMD 上订购膳食过程很简单:首先进入网站 注册成为免费的首惠客户! 不要忘记推荐人的电子邮件地址是 无需缴纳年费。 然后在网上寻找 Balance BistroMD。 他们提供100多种不同的替代餐。 任何订单超过$99,免付运费喔。????????????????????

Now I have no more worry about what to cook for dinner, when to cook dinner and how to cook dinner. It is ready to serve! I can even use them as my lunch menu! What a beautiful gift to me! Aloha !!!?

现在我再也不用为做晚餐而担心了!再也不用担心什么时候做晚饭,也不用担心怎样做晚饭。 所有的 Balance BistroMD 膳食全部是在微波炉里加温几分钟后即可食用! 我甚至可以用他们作为我的午餐! 这真是天上掉下来的一份美丽的礼物! 感谢上帝 !!!?

Weekend is coming, I don’t like to cook at weekend either. ( I grew up with nanny! ? Just joking ??? )
Shop.Com gives me another way to feed us up: #ShopLocal. ???????????

周末要到了,我周末也不喜欢烧饭。 (我是跟着保姆长大的? 开玩笑!开玩笑!)
这是Shop.Com 送给我的另外一份大礼,让我们可以喂饱自己!#ShopLocal。 ???????????????????????????

???I simply upload my Credit Card into the Website: with computer or cell phone. Then wherever we go, I will search for the local restaurant that offer CashBack. ?

???我只需要用电脑或者手机将我的信用卡号输入到 那么,无论我们去哪里,我都会搜索当地的哪个餐厅会让我吃饭又有现金回馈。?

? On Valentine’s Day, we went to a local Italian Restaurant “Salugo Bistro” where we had a delicious Italian Food and also got paid 6% CashBack. #GoShopLocal ??

? 情人节那天,我们去了一家当地的意大利餐厅“Salugo Bistro”,我们吃了一次美味的意大利美食,还得到了6%的现金回馈。#GoShopLocal ??

Now we live with ???????
现在我们就生活在里 ???????

? Everything we do, we check our website first to see if we can get paid & who can pay us the most. Together, we already accumalute $1000 CashBack. ??????

? 我们每做一件事,都会先搜寻我们的网站:,看看我们是否可以得到现金回馈,哪各商家能让我们赚取更多的现金回馈。 我和我先生一起,几个月下来,已累计了1000美元的现金回馈。??????????????

This is called Shopping Annuity! I ablsolutely love it! ❤?❤?❤?❤
这叫做购物年金! 它真是太棒了! ❤?❤?❤?❤

Don’t forget to download Shop Buddy after you
log in the website. I get paid even more because of those over 1200 daily dicounted coupon codes. It is crazy if you don’t use them!???

千万别忘记:无论您是使用手机还是电脑,当您进入网址后,一定要先下载Shop Buddy

If you need more information Why, What & How to Convert Your Spending Into Earning with Shop Local snd Shopping Annuity, please feel free contact me at ?
You Can Become The Master To Create Your Own Economy! Yeah!!!
You Have a blessed day! ????????

如果你需要了解更多有关为什么要做购物年金,什么购物年金&如何将你的消费转换成利润,怎样做地区购物等信息,请随时与我联系: ?
你可以成为创造自己经济的主人! 这有多好!
祝福你! ????????

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