DNA Miracle Home Solutions

Mom’s Veggie Wash Miracle

I like to live a healthy lifestyle. Every day I take my Isotonix Supplements, drink plenty of water, go to gym and walk at least 30 minutes. I eat variety of fruits & vegetables and also try to process my own juice 5 days per week to keep my body clean and healthy. That is my journey to optimal health and longevity. For my protein, fish, chicken & beef are my best options. Dining out is my weekend diet plan & relaxation.

To live a healthy lifestyle, I eat a lot of fruits & vegetables every single day. For a long time, I had been looking for some quality fruit & vegetable wash products to make my washy washy easy. In super market or farm market, all the fruits & vegetables look beautiful & fresh. But once I start to wash them at home, I really had lot of headache. Many times I had to spend a lot of time to deal with Wax. Many of the fruits are very waxy. Sometimes the wax is strong that I have to use fruit brush with salt & hot water to wash them off. It’s been very frustrating experience every single day. Living a healthy lifestyle is my goal but keep everything clean and healthy are not easy. I had tried so many fruit & vegie wash products and nothing really worked out for me.

Until 2016, one of my friends introduced me a product brand called DNA Miracle Home Solutions. Inside the bundle kit, there is product called DNA Miracle Fruit & Veggie Wash. It is environmentally friendly, non poisonous product. It is very gentle to my hands but tough enough to get rid of wax. All I need to do is to throw a small gel tube into a bottle of water. When I finish the product, I can just buy The Refill. I am so glad that I was open-minded to give a trial. It works out perfectly. Now I am very happy with my daily fruit & vegetable washy & washy. No more headache, and no more worry about wax. Because I’ve got my best friend DNA Miracle Home Solutions.

The DNA Miracle Home Solutions Bundle Comes with 4 Products with Bottles:

Nursery + Playroom Cleaner –
-Cleaning agents derived from plant substances and compounds
-Safely and quickly clean and remove dirt and buildup
-Worry free use for wherever your baby plays
-Penetrate and emulsify dirt, grime, and oil
-No harsh residue or fumes
-Leaves every surface fresh and baby-safe
-Phosphate free.

Fruit + Veggie Wash –
-Cleaning agents derived from plant substances and organic compounds
-Safely removes unwanted: waxes, dirt, handling oils, and surface contaminants (found on both conventional and organically grown produce) 
-No taste or odor left behind 
-Keeps fruits and vegetables fresher, longer 
-Inhibits browning 
-Enhances appearance and flavor of fruit and veggies
-Phosphate free.

Spot + Stain Remover –
-Cleaning agents derived from plant substances and compounds
-Eco-friendly qualities, tough on stains, but gentle on the environment 
-Safe enough to use around your baby and powerful enough to clean any mess 
-Safe for all fabrics
-Works great on kid’s clothes, carpeting, car seats / upholstery, and other washable fabrics 
-A safe & gentle way to eliminate stains from baby’s clothing 
-Tackle spit-up, formula, diaper disasters, mushed foods, and more 
-No harsh bleach, chemicals, or vapors 

Bottle + Dish Soap –
-Cleaning agents derived from plant substances and compounds
-Great alternative to harsh conventional dish liquids 
-Safe to use around your baby with no chemical or gel residue
-Highly concentrated fast-acting detergent for pots, pans, dishes, glassware, baby bottles, toys, and more! 
-Formula that is safe for all bottles 
-Safe for all silverware and china 
-Eco-friendly qualities are great for your hands and the environment 
-Easy rinsing 

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